Dec 12


Middle School Forensics Success in State Competition

L. to R.: Maddy Keuten, Meredith Grekin, Coach Dan Jacobs & Seth Katzman

L. to R.: Maddy Keuten, Meredith Grekin, Coach Dan Jacobs & Seth Katzman

Congratulations to the Roeper Middle School Forensics Team Performers for a brilliant weekend up in Mt. Pleasant!  On December 5th, a merry band of 47 Roeper middle school students, 4 high school students, and 58ish parents travelled up to the center of the state to join over 300 others from around the state to perform in, observe, and support the Middle Level State Fall Forensics competition.

All the Roeper folks represented our school exceptionally well, and we are proud of each of our students.  Many thanks to the parents for their support, and to high school students Lukas Sznewajs, Ellie Moskowitz, Kat Moore, and Dayna Nolan, and assistant coaches Andy Brock, Jaffar Boumediene, and Patrick Ratliff for their coaching and coordination.

Below are the placements from the State Tournament:

State Champions in Duo (Tied) with perfect scores: Alex Calderwood & Emma Wine
State Champions in Duo (Tied) with perfect scores: Nathan Moskowitz & Emma Sznewajs
State Champion in Dramatic Interp with perfect scores: Celia Lipton
2nd Place in Impromptu: Avery Long
3rd Place in Dramatic Interp: Rafi Perrault-Victor
3rd Place in Story6: Kaili Osbourne
4th Place in Original Interp: Leah Trunsky
3rd Place in Extemp: Eli Shaya
4th Place in Dramatic Interp: Steven Raphael
4th Place in informative: James Sneyd
5th Place in Poetry: Jaime Blakey
5th Place in Informative: Adam Levitt
6th Place Original Interp: Kate DeRonne
Semi-Finalist in Prose, Evan Akkashian
Semi-Finalists in Multiple: Paranorman: Matthew Baker-Grunza, Caleb Bartes, Gina Galligan, Sophie Hirsch, Anneliese Ingraham, Kristian LaVeque, Jonah Mougoue,
Semi-Finalists in Duo: Myles Carr & Mac Lancaster
Semi-Finalist in Original Interp: Kiersten McCollum
Semi-Finalists in Multiple: A Sort of History: Meredith Grekin, Seth Katzman, Maddy Keuten
Semi-Finalists in Duo: Zion Johnson & Gianni Miliotto
Semi-Finalist in Story6: Hana Walsh
Darby Krugel: 2nd in a round, Storytelling
Gabi Hirsch: 2nd in a round, Dramatic Interp
Sydney Levy: 2nd in a round, Story6
Ella Appleyard: 3rd in a round in Poetry
Francis Allen: 3rd in a round in Declamation
Zoe Samouris cast a spell on her audience in Poetry
Annelise Ivanescu went through many phases in Storytelling
Josiah Smith warmed everyone up on a chili day in Sales
Ben Stafeil put it on fast forward in Prose.
Shel Krause was not just dust in the win in Declamation
Tony Wipf did some good Jobs all day long in Declamation

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