Apr 14

Lower School: Zero-Waste Lunch — Thursday, April 17th

Please read the following letter from Lower School parent Gina Adams-Levy for information on how to help students prepare for Roeper’s Zero-Waste Lunch on Wednesday, April 17th.


As part of Roeper’s goal to nurture eco-friendly choices, we are hosting a Zero-Waste lunch April 17th! 

  • ·         We encourage children who pack their lunch to use reusable containers and water bottles. 
  • ·         Students buying lunch are urged to take only what they can eat to reduce food waste.
  • ·         Recycling and composting will be available in the cafeteria on this day.
  • ·         Peace, Love & Planet will host a waste assessment after lunch to help children understand natural resources and the importance of conservation

Look for the “How to pack waste-free” flier coming home with your child.  Due to facility challenges of recycling in cafeteria, we hope families will always choose to pack waste-free lunches.  Reusable containers (instead of single-use packaging such as baggies and chip bags) and reusable water bottles (instead of wasteful juice boxes) significantly reduce cafeteria waste preventing pollution.

On Tuesday, April 15th,we will be conducting a cafeteria sort.  By assessing what we throw into a landfill, students will be empowered to make responsible choices to prevent trash.  Your child will sort their lunch remnants into 5 separate bins:

  • ·         Composting (Organics)
  • ·         Food waste (Meats, cheeses, breads)
  • ·         Recycle -Plastic, Aluminum, Cardboard
  • ·         Liquid Waste
  • ·         Landfill (trash) -Single-use sandwich and chip bags, Juice pouches, wrappers

The goal of this “hands on” waste analysis is to help students understand impact of personal behaviors and encourage responsible, eco-friendly solutions!  We wanted to thank our terrific teachers and kitchen staff for your support!


Be the solution, be waste-free!  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.


Thank you for your support!

Gina Adams-Levy

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