Dec 12

Action Planning in Response to Ferguson–Meeting Dec. 17

Tuesday following the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson, MO our students, faculty and staff in the Upper School gathered to discuss their reactions to the decision. Eighth grade students were invited to attend and seventh grade students held discussions through in their history classes. As Lisa shared in her message that day, the discussion moved quickly from this specific decision of a Grand Jury in one case to the more general and personal reaction that students were feeling.

The following week, Lisa met with interested students to share thinking about what the Roeper community might do to address the issues that arise from racial and social injustices in our community and in our nation. On Wednesday, we shared these ideas with faculty and staff and then spent time reflecting on some of the historical underpinnings that established the racial and economic imbalances that continue to challenge our nation.

Full community participation in this work is important. Therefore, we are holding a brief, informative meeting for families on Wednesday, December 17th prior to the instrumental music concert. We will meet from 6:00-6:45 in the theatre. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and acknowledge that this is an extremely busy time of year. Thank you in advance for your continued commitment to our school and to its philosophy.

We just finished a fantastic Spirit Week. What a gift to work in a community where we value celebration and joy as well as challenging, ethical work. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa and Colleen

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  1. I will not be able to participate in today’s meeting, but I would like to be included in future discussions. I look forward to the dialogue. Thank you.

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