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For the past 20 years, the Roeper Athletic Department has hosted a Golf Outing benefiting our student athletes. This event has been good 084for our school and athletes in many ways. It has allowed us to connect with the business community, reconnect old friends, meet new friends and, of course, play a good game of golf. Most importantly however, this event allows us to provide our athletes with the kind of first-class program that they need and deserve. At Roeper, our goal is to provide:

  • No out of pocket expenses to participate on a Roeper sports team
    Beginning 2016/17, our goal is for the Athletic Department budget to provide for school-issued warm-ups, socks, and first-class uniforms for ALL levels of play. In addition, our goal is to cover expenses for all team dinners.
  • Dedication to growth and development of Coaching Staff
    1) Assign upper level staff to mentor younger coaches and provide assistants as needed 2) Encourage and provide for cost-free professional development
  • Continue to Improve and Enhance our Playing Areas
    Focus will be on providing for state of the art training equipment and improving the aesthetics of our venues (graphics, trophy cases, Honor plaques, etc.)

In addition, we will continue to focus on providing a safe environment by hiring trainers for all high school games and requiring all coaches to be certified in CPR and AED training.

As parents, we know you are invested in the program in so many ways. The Golf Outing is our way to ensure that we can meet these goals. We aren’t asking you for a financial contribution. We aren’t asking you to solicit. What we are asking is that if you’d like to golf, sign up. If you know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring with us, let us know. If you’d like to spend the day on the course as a volunteer, just raise your hand. This event belongs to all of us.

We are grateful for each of you who have contributed to our past success and to those who are considering involvement for the first time. We’ve had 20 good years behind us and are looking forward to the next twenty and beyond.

Golf Brochure 16

Ed Sack
Athletic Director

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