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RPC Roeper Textbook Swap Final Details!

Hello Roeper Families!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the summer! It’s hard to believe it is time to start planning for the upcoming school year šŸ˜‰ Alas, that time is near and we have the final details for the Roeper Textbook Swap!

Dates, Times & Location:

Thursday, August 9th, 5pm-7pm [EARLY BIRD SHOPPING!]

Friday, August 10th, 7:30am-10amĀ  & 5-7pm [open to anyone]

Location: Roeper Birmingham Campus Library


Important Notes:

*Please know that we do this swap with the spirit of the Roeper community in mind; we are trusting that families gave what they could and now, likewise, families will take just what they need. We ask when you are shopping that you take advantage of these free to you books, but remember there are other Roeper families that will also be hoping to do the same! We truly hope everyone who comes out to “shop” will find something they need, but we cannot make any guarantees about what will be available when you come and we have more of some textbooks then others.

*All textbooks have been donated by Roeper families and these books are available free to new Roeper homes. No money will be exchanged at the swap.

*The EARLY BIRD SHOPPING times are designated for families that have already donated used textbooks to come and shop first. If you donated textbooks and did not receive an email with information about Early Bird Shopping please just email me and we will look into it!

*We highly recommend you look at the book list on the Roeper website or on MBS before you come so you know what books you are looking for. Please know not all ISBN numbers will match exactly because sometimes the used books are previous editions. Many teachers are accommodating of previous editions being used in their classrooms, but if you have any specific concerns, please check with individual teachers.

*The Book Swap is taking placeĀ during the week of free shipping on MBS. If you need to order a book from MBS that you could not find at the Swap, you can still get free shipping until Saturday, August 11th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. We look forward to a great swap!

Sarah (734-417-1231,

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