Apr 09


RPC Call For Nominations for 2018/19

The Roeper Parent Community (RPC) is calling for nominations to fill the following officer positions beginning July 1, 2018:

1. Parent Education and Philosophy Chair
2. New Family Liaisons: (one for each)

Stage I Domes
Stage I Hill House
6th Grade
9th Grade

Officer terms are 2 years (maximum 2 consecutive terms in same office).

You may nominate yourself.

Submit your nomination(s) to Emily Wine by Friday, April 20th.

Please include:

the nominee’s full name
the position for which you are nominating them
your name
the date

You may view Role/Responsibility descriptions here: RPC Open Roles for 2018/19

If you would like more information about any of the positions, please contact Lori Talbott.
Parent volunteers are the driving force behind the success of the RPC. We hope you will consider joining us in one of these roles!

The Roeper Parent Community (RPC) is a parent group that fosters community within the school, develops educational opportunities for parents, and organizes and provides volunteers for numerous classroom and school activities and events. Recent activities of the RPC include: Staff Appreciation lunches, fun family events such as Roeperfest, LS Family Dance Parties and the Summer Send-Off Pool Party. The RPC also supports parent education initiatives including RPC Coffee Talks and the Parent Education Library housed in the Children’s Library.

Any parent or guardian of a Roeper student or alumni is automatically a member of the RPC.

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