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RESCHEDULED WAAG Parent Group- Next Session

Please note our next WAAG session will take place on Wednesday, January 16th at 6:30 pm. In an effort to accommodate more people, we are cancelling the Saturday session that was scheduled for December 8th.


In the words of Annemarie Roeper:

“To the extent that the equation ‘humanness equals whiteness’ is accepted unconsciously by whites, any attempt on their part of helping an oppressed group results in trying to make them white. In order to become truly human, we must accept and understand and incorporate the similarities among all human beings, and realize that one of the basic similarities must be the ability to accept our differences. Our task then must be to create an environment that helps all children and adults to accept all differences and likenesses among human beings as basically human and to learn about them all.” (AMR, school brochure, 1971)

In an intentional response to Annemarie’s call for action, a White Anti-Racist Ally Group (WAAG) for Roeper parents has been created. This group invites parents who identify as white to come when they can and as they are. There is no ongoing commitment and there is recognition and understanding that we all come to anti-racist work at different points in our own personal journey.

Please join us as we continue this important work:

Wednesday, January 16
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Bloomfield Hills Campus, Bretzlaff Commons in the Steward Building
No RSVP needed, but appreciated :  WAAG signup

We understand that White Anti-Racist Ally Groups are perhaps less common than other affinity groups Roeper has offered. If you would like more information about why an affinity group of this kind is being formed, follow this link for more information: Why a White Space

If you have questions, please reach out to the facilitators:
Emily Wine at
Sarah Miller at

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