Sep 23

Invitation to attend Philosophy classes

Philosophy classes are starting in October. Please see the Philosophy Flyer for dates and times, and RSVP!

This class is for all adults in our community, but will be especially helpful for those of you just joining our school.  Immerse yourself in the powerful story of how The Roeper School came into being nearly 75 years ago.  Watch and participate, as philosophy guru Emery Pence builds the Roeper Philosophy for us, concept by concept, with your guidance and input. Connect and learn from your classmates as they share their Roeper experiences. Strengthen your ties to this school, and your student may be even more supported by your understanding of what makes us Roeper.

In the words of a Philosophy class alum, ” I wish everyone could take this class their very first year here! It explains so much…”

Please join us in October and beyond.

Christine Lyon




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