Aug 27


Gifted In Michigan August Newsletter

Gifted In Michigan August 2013 Newsletter

Gifted in Michigan is co-lead by a Mensa member and the mother of a young Mensa member.  This group was started to create an environment where children and other gifted children can feel like they fit in.  This is a secular group with a zero tolerance for discrimination.  Members practice varying schooling options for their children including public school, private school, gifted school, virtual school, and home school.  Our group welcomes the diversity of educational options and respects the choices our members make for their children.  This group is meant to be a safe place for parents of gifted children to share stories, seek advice, find friends and partake in in-person gatherings. The children will get to participate in fun, challenging, educational activities, and interact with kids like themselves! While the group is based in Southeast Michigan, anyone with a gifted child is welcome to join in the discussions and events.

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