May 18


A Thank you, from RPC

Thank you to all who have volunteered this year. We have given our time & talents in multiple ways to our community. From classroom help, to gift shop sales, judging at a forensics or robotics competition to helping in the library or publishing center, planning, organizing, chaperoning, cooking and cleaning…..every minute you gave has been noticed and has been very much appreciated!

This has been a great year! And a busy one!! We welcomed over 100 new students & families, attended countless school and community events and celebrated Roeper’s 75th Birthday with assemblies, Galas and gatherings (some still to come!)! I think for many this has been a year of reflection. A time to look back at not only the philosophy and origins of our school, but why we choose to be part of this community. This community is special because of our desire to treat everyone with respect, encourage and value each person’s gifts and talents, celebrate our differences, support each other and learn from one another. This community is special because of YOU, your commitment to our children and our school. Volunteers get stuff done, volunteers strengthen communities, volunteers bring people together…..Roeper Volunteers do all of this and so much more. Roeper Volunteers are a foundation of our community. I cannot think of any event or gathering that we don’t depend on volunteers to help make a success. We value your time, energy and support and we thank you for everything you do!

I would like to thank David, Denita & Emily for their continued support and guidance and everyone within the community for sharing ideas and making things happen! It takes a village, and I’m proud to be a part of this one!

There are many culminating events across both campuses in these last few weeks. I hope to get a chance to see you all and thank you in person!

With sincere gratitude,

Lori Talbott – RPC President


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