Sep 25


Visiting Detroit with Stage I

There is something truly joyful about riding the school bus on your first field trip.  Parents, grandparents, cousins and friends all try to find a way onto the bus to be part of this magical moment.  Traveling with Stage I to The Heidelberg Project and Eastern Market this week, I was fortunate to share in this moment.  You would think the destination would be what our students were excited to see, but in truth it was riding the bus. Sitting next to friends, fastening our seatbelts, and imagining all the possible places we could journey made the trip an amazing adventure.  I often think that if we just boarded the bus and drove around the Bloomfield Hills Campus parking lot we might have the perfect Stage I field trip.

For those of you who have not been to The Heidelberg Project, it is a fascinating creation.  Stepping off the bus and walking through the art installations is always eye-opening.  Over the last few years many of the homes that made up the Project have been destroyed by arson, but like the City of Detroit itself, artists continue to build, invest, and share their inspired work with the community.


Watching our preschoolers remind their hands not to touch the art and seeing the excitement in their faces as they looked at stacks of painted shoes, faces painted on the sidewalk, and the polka dotted house made the group smile.  They were filled with energy as they talked about the creations they would make when they returned to campus.

Colleen, Kendra and Nicole do such an amazing job preparing students for what they are going to see; even the bees that joined us for our urban picnic lunch at Eastern Market couldn’t spoil this wonderful day.  With fresh apples in hand we snacked and then more than a few of our friends closed their eyes for a short nap on the way back to school.


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  1. So glad you could join us! It was a great day and appreciate your taking the time to enjoy the weather, company, and fun. More fun then Stinky Meetings!

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