Nov 03

State Champions!


Imagine a school for gifted students that has never won a state athletic championship; a school with a “no cut policy,” fewer than 200 high school students and too few players to run a junior varsity program.  Is this the movie Hoosiers?  Perhaps some made for television special on tenacity, sportsmanship, and commitment?

Our Roeper Roughrider Boys Soccer Team won the Michigan Division 4 State Championship on Saturday 4-2 against a team from Grand Rapids that had been to the finals for three consecutive years – a team of mostly seniors with a deep bench and a strong desire to win.

It was incredible to look around the stands and see Roeper families, alumni, students, faculty, administrators, and friends of our school gather to support this amazing group of student-athletes.  From the pep rally on Friday afternoon, to the celebrations after Saturday’s victory, our fans showed sportsmanship, heart, and spirit.  I have never been more proud of a group of students than I was on Saturday as I watched the team bring the State Championship Trophy to the stands to share it with our fans.

You don’t have to imagine what it would look like to see gifted student athletes on a team with a no cut policy win a state title – just take a look at our boys soccer team!

A special thank you to all the Roeper athletes past, present and future for representing our school with pride and class – you model for the broader community what is possible.



  1. State Champs

  2. As an alumnus and Roeper Soccer veteran, I am virtually beaming with school pride over this achievement! We never would have believed in those days that our little school would go on to such grand things. Go Roughriders!


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