Oct 03


Resources for Parents

The recent shooting in Las Vegas is sadly the latest tragedy confronting our world.  Images seem to be spread across all forms of media, and are being repeated in a loop as though they are continuing to occur.

We live in a media saturated world where online forms of communication make information immediate; as adults, we understand how important it is to use our judgement in sifting through all the information that comes to us, children do not always have that opportunity or skill set.

Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes have filled our screens these past few weeks, and now a violent shooting will lead the news cycle for the next few weeks.  It is human nature to try and shield our children from these horrific events, to try and insulate them from the pain and hurt that is visible in the human suffering being captured in digital pictures and film.  There is also the reality of the pervasiveness of news, community conversation, and the need for all of us to process what is happening around us.

We will certainly be sensitive to the needs of our students, and we will be age appropriate in how we handle questions and the need for our children to process what is going on around them.  This is an important moment of partnership for us, a time to know that our children will have questions, and have a need to seek guidance and understanding from the adults in their lives.

To help you with the questions that may come to you, I have attached some links to a variety of resources that you may find helpful.  Please know that our faculty, and in particular our counseling team (Bob Simon at the Bloomfield Hills Campus, and Reanne Young at Birmingham) are available to you for conversation.

Resources in the Aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting

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