Mar 13


Administrative Announcement

After completing a national search and seeking the input of The Roeper School community, I am pleased to announce that beginning July 1, 2017, Brian Corley will be our new Middle School Director.

Brian joins The Roeper School after serving for seven years as a middle school math and science teacher, and for the past six years as the Director of Diversity at Near North Montessori School in Chicago, Illinois.  Brian received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Biomechanics from Michigan State University, and his Master of Science Degree in Administration from Northwestern University.

Brian has taught in the gifted and talented programs at Northwestern and Dominican University, and worked with underrepresented students of color from underperforming public day schools in the 
High Jump Chicago program at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and the Latin School of Chicago.

Brian and his wife Kellie, who is the Principal at the Doolittle School, a Chicago Public Elementary School, will be returning to their hometown of Detroit when they join the Roeper community this summer.

Joining Brian on the Administrative Team next fall will be Dr. Karen Johnson, who I am pleased to name as the Interim Head of the Upper School.  Karen has been a middle and upper school Latin teacher and a student advisor at Roeper for the past nine years.  She has served on our Board of Trustees and has chaired our Board’s Committee on Education.  Karen received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Colgate University in Classical Studies, her Master of Arts Degree in Latin from the University of Georgia, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan.

I am grateful to Karen for her willingness to take on this mentoring and leadership role during the 2017-18 school year; her knowledge of our community, understanding of our philosophy, and work with gifted students makes her an ideal choice to guide our upper school in the coming year.  Karen brings a passion for learning, respect from all constituencies, and deep insight into how we can best live our core Roeper values.

Additionally, to support our new community, I have asked our Dean of Admissions, Jason McIntosh, to increase his administrative responsibilities next year and to serve as Assistant Director of Middle and Upper School.  Jason’s strong connection with students and parents as well as his extensive experience in the middle and upper school classrooms will provide the perfect complement of insight, leadership and skills to our new Birmingham Campus team.

In the fall, I will create a search committee and share with the community our process for reviewing our upper school administrative structure, and the selection process we will follow to name the permanent Upper School Director.

I want to say a particular word of thanks to all of our Middle School Director candidates. The search process is an exhausting series of interviews and conversations; we were incredibly fortunate to have a strong group of individuals come forward and present their credentials to the search committee. Our school community is stronger for the opportunities these individuals gave us to reflect upon our practices and vision for our middle school.

I also want to acknowledge the incredible work of our Middle School Search Committee:  Eric Ambrose, Linda Pence, Reanne Young, Jonathan Johnson, Katie Lane, Lisa Baker, Leslie Hosey, and Carolyn Lett who spent countless hours talking with candidates and assessing the information gleaned from our process. Their insight and their efforts to bring the voices of different constituencies into the process were invaluable.

I know you will want to make the time to talk with Brian, Karen and Jason to offer them your congratulations and support; we will help to organize those opportunities.  For now, I want to offer my thanks to our school community for participating in the Middle School Director search process, and my congratulations to Brian, Karen, and Jason on their selection.

David H. Feldman
Head of School

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