Mar 16


Adding Our Voice

Dear Roeper Community,

Since the tragic shooting in Parkland, I have been moved and inspired by the action of students across the country expressing themselves through marches, walkouts, and political activism. As adults, we talk a great deal about different kinds of political activism, and it is my fondest hope that we model impactful behavior that our children learn and internalize. Yet, it is equally clear to me that we are seeing a movement of young people who have something profoundly meaningful to teach us about political activism – and we need to listen.  Roeper students will be in Washington D.C. at next week’s march, and they will be participating in similar events across the local area.  They have organized writing campaigns to political leaders at the state and federal level.  They are doing what Roeper students have always done – they are using their voices in a meaningful way and leading.

As part of my work as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Association of Independent Michigan Schools (AIMS), my colleagues and I have been working on a statement that expresses our views, and lends support and voice to our students, and our communities.  Our collective statement is important, our coming together is meaningful, and our collaboration is a statement of thoughtful effort.

In the coming days the message will be shared in the Detroit Free Press; it will be signed by independent school and private school heads from across our state.  I encourage you to engage in the discussions that statements like this provoke.  Our students are watching, listening, and engaged.  They are not just our future leaders, but on this issue, in particular, they are bending the moral arc of justice in profound ways.



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  1. David, as you may know, the Nolan family has been very active in this movement since 2000. I was pregnant with Dayna, and I pushed Rory in his stroller in the first DC Million Mom March, side by side with grieving Columbine parents. It was the saddest, most powerful thing imagineable. It was very clear then, and even more tragic now after all these beautiful lives have been lost, that we HAVE to take a stand. We have been urging action on this issue. There is no room for timidity when lives are at stake. Our children have grown up in an unnecessary culture of fear, and it is our fault for not insisting that things change. The Parkland Students (and students at Cass Tech, in Chicago, all over the country) need Roeper voices clearly added to theirs. Now. Yesterday. And it shouldn’t be left only to the students.

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