Apr 29


‘Twas the Night Before May 1

Dear Seniors:

Finally the day that we’ve been waiting for—for 4 years, or actually for 12 years—the day you make your final decision about where to go to college—“ the place you spend the next four years of your life, that will shape your future career, your future colleagues and friends, and your worldview.” The great developmental psychologist, Erik Erickson, determined that “Late Adolescence” spans from age 18-22, so in that respect, it will be the place where you will transition from adolescence to adulthood as well.

I remember well the nights of April 30 when my daughters were agonizing over their decisions, virtually “flipping coins” to make a final choice. One of them ended up loving the school she attended, and still goes back for special events like Homecoming and class reunions. My other daughter knew pretty quickly that it wasn’t as good a fit as she had imagined and stuck it out for a year and a half before she transferred to her “tails” school—which she ended up loving! They both did just fine.

As all-important as your college choice seems today, please remember that it is really a choice—and it just a school. It is you that ultimately shapes your future career, your colleagues and friends and your worldview. Having attended Roeper, you have been encouraged to fully participate in life and have made choices and experienced consequences, and thereby have a strong sense of self. Roeper gave you the opportunity—but you created your own experience here, and it will be you that creates your experience at the next place you land. Your college is a location, an atmosphere, a place of learning and opportunity, but it truly is what you make of it.

As you make your decisions, please don’t forget to keep us informed so we can celebrate with you.

We will soon be sending out a survey to every senior asking about your college admissions and any financial aid and scholarships you received—even if you did not accept them. This is information for the Roeper board and your senior edition of “Keeping in Touch.” Of course, the financial aid information is reported as an overall number, and your confidentiality is assured. However, this is important information and required before we can send out your final transcripts to the schools you will attend.

Happy Deciding!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling

P.S. Please get your T-shirt quote to Patti or Bridghette asap!!


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