Nov 08


Testing, testing…

Dear Juniors–Here is a reminder about ACT and SAT tests:


The late registration deadline for students planning to take the ACT test on December 9, 2017, is Friday, November 17.

Juniors may want to pay an additional $20.00 for “Test Information Release.” This means you will receive a copy of your actual questions and answers with your test results. This would be particularly useful for students to prepare for the April or June ACT, which actually are normed for Juniors.

For the basic fee ($62.50) you can have your scores sent for “free” (no additional cost) to up to four (4) colleges, and up to two (2) more for $12.00 each. If you chose to wait to see your scores, you will have four days after taking the test to send the scores for “free;” otherwise you will end up paying $12.00 for each set of scores to each college, or more for priority delivery. It is then up to you to remember to send your scores to your colleges in time to arrive by the due dates.

Other ACT dates are February 10 (Register by January 12) April 14 (Register by March 9) June 9 (Register by May 4) and July 14 (Register by June 15). Remember, you don’t need to wait until the deadline to register!


We recommend that Juniors take their first SAT on March 10, 2018. The registration deadline for the March 10, 2018  SAT is February 9, 2018. The cost is $60.00 for the entire test, which includes the Writing section—or $46.00 without writing. You can purchase “Questions and Answers” for this test for an additional $18.00. The $60.00 fee includes 4 “free” score reports for 4 different colleges.

Other upcoming SAT dates are May 5 (Register by April 6) June 3 (Register by May 3) and August TBD.

We strongly recommend that you go ahead and have your scores sent—your colleges will always consider your highest score, but they MUST have one set of scores on record to have a complete application.  It’s easy to forget and miss the early deadline (trust us, it has happened).  Furthermore, once colleges get your scores, they will start a file for you and will note your interest in then.

A note about the writing portion: Most colleges require the writing portion to be taken once, although many not use this score in making an admissions decision (Michigan DOES). Since there is an additional fee for the writing portion ($62.50 vs. $46.00 without writing for the ACT; $60.00 vs. $46.00 for the SAT) not to mention the extra time, etc. you may want to consider whether you want to take the writing portion with every test, but you must send at least one test with writing, even if it is not your best composite.

If you think you might qualify for a “FEE WAIVER” for either of these tests please stop by College Counseling and we can give you a guideline to see what the requirements are. If you do, you also have the ability to apply for a fee waiver for NCAA Clearinghouse, AP Exams, and college applications!

If you have questions about testing, just stop by College Counseling!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling

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