Oct 26


Testing, Testing…

Important Testing Reminder for Juniors and Seniors:


The registration deadline for students planning to take the ACT test on December 12, 2015, is Friday, November 6.

Late registration will be open until November 20 for students who prefer to pay an additional $25.00 to take the test.

For Juniors, perhaps a better use of your money would be to pay an additional $20.00 for “Test Information Release.” This means you will receive a copy of your actual questions and answers. This would be particularly useful for Juniors to prepare for the April or June ACT, which actually are normed for Juniors.

For the basic fee ($56.50) you can have your scores sent for “free” (no additional cost) to up to four (4) colleges, and up to two (2) more for $12.00 each . If you chose to wait to see your scores, you will have four days after taking the test to send the scores for “free;” otherwise you will end up paying $12.00 for each set of scores to each college, or more for priority delivery. It is then up to you to remember to send your scores to your colleges in time to arrive by the due dates.

A note to Seniors on the writing portion: If you are retaking the ACT and have already sent in an ACT score with writing, you can take the test without the writing portion. Most colleges require the writing portion to be taken once with the ACT, although, most not use this score in making an admissions decision. (a few do) Since there is an additional fee for the writing portion ($56.50 vs. $39.50 without writing) not to mention the extra time, etc. you may want to consider whether you want to take the writing portion with every test.

It is not too late for Seniors with regular decision deadlines to retake the ACT or take the December SAT. As long as you have sent one test score to your colleges, they will take any new information into account.


You can still register for the November 7 SAT (or Subject Tests) by the end of the day today, October 27, but it will cost you $54.50 plus the late fee of $28.00

The registration deadline for the next upcoming “old” SAT is November 5 for the December 5, 2015 test—$54.50 for the entire test, which includes the Writing section—or for an additional $28.00 you have up to November 20 to register. Alternatively, you could take up to three (3) subject tests that day. This is realistically the last time the SAT is useful for seniors. This fee covers scores sent to up to four (4) colleges—and you have up until 9 days after the test to send scores for “free”–additional colleges will cost $11.25 each.

Juniors who want to take the “old” SAT will have one additional opportunity to take it on January 23, 2016. (registration deadline December 28). Although you can purchase a copy of your questions and answers, there isn’t much point in it, since the test won’t be given again.

The “new” SAT, which should be like the PSAT you just took will be offered on March 5 (February 5 registration deadline) May 7 (April 8 deadline) and June 4 (May 5 deadline). This one you can take with or without the writing section. If you have taken either ACT with writing or the “old” SAT, you can decide whether to invest the additional money ($43.00 without the writing section, $54.50 with).

For the April test of the “new” SAT, you can purchase your questions and answers to prepared for a possible retest in June or the following fall, called “SAT Question and Answer Service,” for $18.00.

After you have taken each test, Juniors may use any of the three options (ACT, “old” SAT or “new” SAT) to send to colleges. It is important to be familiar with the testing requirements of the colleges that interest you, but for now, assume most colleges will want some kind of testing. We will discuss testing at the upcoming Junior-Parent College Night, November 2, and in our individual college conferences starting next semester. In general, our suggestion is to take one or more of the tests Junior year—and perhaps fall of the Senior year, depending on which test best suits you.

If you think you might qualify for a “FEE WAIVER” for either of these tests please stop by College Counseling and we can give you a guideline to see what the requirements are. If you do, you also have the ability to apply for a fee waiver for NCAA Clearinghouse, AP Exams, and college applications!

If you have questions about testing, just stop by College Counseling!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling


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