May 28


Summer “Homework” for Juniors

Thank you to all who came to the Essay Writing and Junior College Planning workshops. For those who were unable to attend and for a recap as we begin to wrap up the school year, here are a few tips:

End the school year on a strong note!

As you apply for college in the fall, we will be sending your official transcript as of the end of the junior year. Although your senior schedule is important, your ability to raise your grade point average pretty much stops with your last junior final or project. As we’ve mentioned time and again, one important factor in college admissions decisions is “grade trend.” That means keep up your good grades or, better yet, end the junior year with your best grades ever.

Look over your transcript this summer to make sure everything is accurate. If you have INC’s or errors, it will delay your transcripts being sent next fall.

Research your Colleges!

Look at the suggested colleges on your Junior Conference Report to get started. Good resources are the Fiske Guide, College Prowler,;; or (Big Futures)

Or better yet, plan to spend some time this summer visiting college campuses!

If you are able to secure an interview during a campus visit, remember that you and the college are both looking for how you “fit.” Be prepared to answer some basic questions such as “How did you become interested in our college?” “What are three words that best describe you?” “What books have you read lately, and which one has impressed you the most?” “What is your favorite class in school/what do you like best about your school?” Also be prepared to ask questions such as “What kind of person would be most happy on this campus?” “What are some of the issues that engaged the students here this year?” and “How would you describe the prevailing culture on this campus?” A list of potential questions to ask on a campus visit can be found in College Counseling.  Come back in the fall with a potential list of colleges with a diverse range in all dimensions!

Complete your resume!

Begin by listing all of your activities by grade. Then look them over and categorize them—by grade, by type of activity and/or by both. Remember, the Common App will require you list the number of hours per week and weeks per year so make one version that has this information. It will make your applications much easier to complete. Have a clean version for colleges that allow you to upload or mail the actual resume. Resume ideas and sample copies are available in College Counseling.

Begin working with your essay!

Think about what you want the college to know about you. Begin to formulate your “story” or “stories” that will best depict who you are, how you became the person you are today, and what impact you and the college will have on each other. Look over the Common App questions and begin to outline and draft the unique story you want them to know. If you want copies of winning essays stop by College Counseling!

After August 1 you can begin to work on your actual applications, but we suggest you wait until the beginning of the school year to go over them before you submit.

Stop by College Counseling to pick up any handouts you may have missed!

Happy Studying!


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