Feb 13


Senior Update

Dear Seniors:

Mid-Year Reports have been sent!

We will be sending one more set of transcripts in the Final Report, just to the college you will actually be attending, so we will need that information later in the year. More on this later!  Remember, NO Senioritis!!  You were admitted conditionally with the assumption that in your senior year you will have maintained the academic standard under which you were originally admitted, grade-wise and with the same or equivalent schedule that you submitted originally.  You will not be able to enroll in a college unless your final transcript shows that you kept up your academics as well as successfully graduated.  Furthermore, you will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the year stating your future plans, listing all the colleges to which you have been admitted, and all of the scholarships and financial aid you have been offered—the transcripts will not be sent until the surveys have been completed.


The Tradition Lives On!  “Give a Quote, Get a Shirt”

As a gift to the seniors this year, the College Counseling Office would like to present seniors with a Gratitude Shirt.  This shirt will have a brief saying from every interested senior—it’s kind of like wearing the signature page from your yearbook!

The All you need to do is to give us a brief quote or saying you’d like us to put on the shirt, along with your name.  The quote must be 15 words or less, and can be your own words, song lyrics or other quote and can be witty, reflective, poetic, whatever—just not obscene or inappropriate. If you quote someone else, you must give them credit. 

See Bridghette for the Quotation Forms!!

SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!  See information in the January 16, 2018 Roeper Record or on the College Counseling Website under “College Financial Aid/Scholarship Information.” 

Meanwhile, JUST IN:

The Realtors Association announces a $1000 scholarship that will be awarded to 26 students in Oakland County who plan to attend a college in Michigan. You have a good chance for this one!  Applications are due March 20, 2017 and are available in College Counseling, or email Sharon Cobleigh at

Planning to attend the University of Michigan?  Interested in a 5-year full Room & Board Scholarship?  The Michigan branch of the Telluride Association is offering a full residential scholarship to students interested in living in the Telluride House, a stimulating intellectual environment supporting the ideals of self-governance and a commitment to public service.  Telluride House strives to foster the moral and intellectual growth of its members, and past residents include many famous luminaries, scholars and Nobel Prize winners.  Applications are due February 21, 2018.  Information can be found at  The application is due on and can be found at

Are you travelling this Mid-Winter break?  You might want to consider visiting colleges that have admitted you. They are happy to have you sit in on classes, or even spend the night in a residence hall.

At any rate, have a safe and productive break!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling

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