Dec 17


Money for College–Follow up!


Thanks to all who attended the Money for College Night!  If you were not able to attend, we have some handouts from the presentation in College Counseling.  If you still want help with understanding the financial aid process, there will be several more opportunities to hear presentations about the FAFSA, scholarships and state and federal programs. One such program will take place at Lawrence Tech, and will also include some information about LTU admissions. It will be held Wednesday, January 15 from 6:30-8:30, and interested parents may register at or 800-225-5588.

Now is the time to go to  (that’s .gov, NOT .com)—to open up a Federal financial aid file and create your PINs.  It helps get everything ready when you actually submit the form after January 1.  Remember to file the FAFSA no later than February 15th,   (even though you may be estimating your 2013 income) for Michigan Competitive Scholarship consideration and because when colleges start awarding financial aid on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  I’ve been asked if you should wait until you are accepted to a college to apply for financial aid. The answer is a resounding “No!” Colleges will begin allocating their financial aid, and if you wait too long, students who qualify for aid may find that there is nothing left to give out.


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