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Money for College 2018

Thank you to all who attended last week’s Money for College Night!  We had a good turnout and great discussion! For those who weren’t able to attend, the handouts, including the powerpoint outline, are available in College Counseling.

Note that you may begin completing your FAFSA and the CSS Profile applications for financial aid any time now

Here is a copy of the handout discussing our most up-to-date merit aid (scholarships):

Merit Based Aid

College is an excellent investment. There are many statistics about the value of a college education—according to the most recent US Census, a college graduate will earn almost double, or nearly $1,000,000 more over a 40 year period, than a non-grad. Make no mistake, the emphasis is on “investment.” A hard reality of the College Admissions Process is that college is not cheap.

However, there are some ways to make the expense more manageable:

Good websites with general Financial Aid Information:,4636,7-128-60969—,00.html  Compared various college statistics including financial aid  The government’s website comparing cost, affordability and earning potential (ROI)

The really significant merit based money generally comes from the colleges themselves, depending on how “valuable” you are to the college. To be eligible for these, apply to colleges that offer merit based aid, and for which you are in the top percent of applicantsor that award students with a unique story or a talent, such as athletics or the arts.  Many colleges want to attract top students and will offer “discounts” to get you on campus. Some colleges will automatically consider students based on their test scores and GPA’s. Some will require an additional application. Check each college website under “Financial Aid and Scholarships” to find this information.

Many colleges offer merit based scholarships.  Would you consider a college you are not familiar with if it meant it was really affordable? Many colleges are well known—just not to high school seniors!  You may find a hidden gem of a college that you might not have considered, but could be a great fit for you—or find that a college you were applying to anyway has a scholarship you didn’t know about!   Here is a sample:


Last year, Albion College students received scholarships ranging from $17,000-$27,000 yearly.  Check:

Aquinas College offers an array of merit based scholarships up to full tuition. Applicants will be automatically considered, with an invitation only event held January 20 for finalists for the Spectrum Scholarship.

Central Michigan University offers a variety of scholarships up to full tuition for students with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Apply by November 15 for priority consideration.

Central’s most prestigious scholarship (up to a full ride and membership in the Honors Program)  involves a competition. You want to be admitted before October 27 and have a 3.7 and 27 ACT or 1260 SAT.

Eastern Michigan University offers automatic scholarships ($1500-$6500/year). Apply by March 1.

To qualify for EMU’s Presidential scholarship, students must have a 3.5 and 25 ACT or 1200 SAT and be admitted by November 5.

Hillsdale College, by offering all financial aid in-house, is able to keep tuition rates down has a TOTAL cost of under $39,000 for a private school education—and they offer merit based scholarships as well.

Lawrence Tech offers a variety of scholarships—some are automatically considered, some need a separate application and some require a competition. Here are the links:;

Northern Michigan University offers Presidential and Harden scholarships to top students who apply by October 19 or 26 and participate in their scholarship competition.

Oakland University offers from $1500 up to full tuition for top applicants. Automatic consideration: Apply by March 1.

In addition to the automatic scholarship you might receive from the University of Michigan, there is a group of 8 scholarships top student can apply for with just one application!  The University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit scholarship application was just posted: The criteria are students that have applied to U of M and have either a 31 ACT or 1430 SAT. By submitting this one scholarship application form, students will be considered for one or more of eight (8) scholarships.

This link explains the scholarships allows you to apply online. The deadline will be January 19, 2019, which seems far off now, but will be upon us before you know it. Mark this on your calendar, and plan to apply as soon as you hear about your U of M acceptance.

U of M Dearborn offers a series of scholarships—from $2000 per year to full tuition—which are automatically considered for students who apply by December 15.

Additionally, students whose parent(s) attended UMD can apply for The U of M Dearborn Alumni Legacy Scholarship, due Feb 1.  Applications will be available in College Counseling next month.

Wayne State University awards automatic scholarships to students who apply by December 1 from $2500-$7000 per year; but additionally has quite a few private scholarships for which you can apply. This is the link, which also provides information about their Honors College plus good general scholarship search information.

October is free application month for WSU!

Wayne State also offers selected high school student guaranteed admission to medical school and fully paid tuition for 8 years for students who apply Early Decision by November 1.  Check:

Western Michigan University has a series of scholarships for students who apply by the priority deadline of November 1.  Including their prestigious Medallion Scholarship which involves a competition for admitted students with a minimum 3.7 GPA and 26 ACT or 1240 SAT.


Antioch College Antioch is committed to making college affordable with a variety of scholarships up to $32,000/year:

Boston University Trustee Scholarship requires an application to BU completed by December 1. Application and information are available at

Calvin College offers academic scholarships to virtually all of their Honors Program students.  Check a box on their application for consideration.

The Cooper Union is a private all-honors college in NYC that offers ½ tuition (over $21,000 per year) to accepted students, and accepted students with financial need can apply for additional aid.

Davidson College has scholarships for academics and also for athletics requiring nominations:   Nominations must be received by November 9, and students applications must be received by December 3.  See College Counseling if interested.

DePauw University offers merit aid to top scholars and to talented musicians.  Students must apply by January 2 to DePauw.  Their top scholarship requires a counselor nomination by January 15. See College Counseling if interested.

Evergreen State College apply by Feb 1.

Gannon University offers scholarships up to full tuition.  Apply by December 15 for the top award.

Ithaca College Park Scholar and Martin Luther King Scholar programs offer not only merit aid but special educational opportunities. Apply by Jan 2.

Marist College has a range of merit based scholarships ranging from $5000-$15,000 per year:

Queen’s University in Charlotte, NC offers a variety of scholarship with automatic consideration.  Write an “optional” essay for consideration for their Royal Scholarship Program:

Additionally, Jewish students who wish to apply to Queen’s University in Charlotte, NC can apply for the Gossett Jewish Leadership Scholarship. Information at

Seton Hall University offers several scholarships, including for students from Michigan with a 3.0 and 23 ACT or 1170 SAT. Apply to the university by January 15.

Skidmore College offers scholarship opportunities for students in Music or Science and Math for students who apply by January 15.

University of Cincinnati offers a variety of scholarships up to full tuition. Apply by December 1.

University of Texas at Dallas offers a scholarship competition for top students that can be up to a full ride:

Washington University in St. Louis offers several scholarships that students can find on their website,; and also the most prestigious Danforth Scholarship that requires a counselor nomination by November 15.  See Patti if you plan to apply to Wash U.

Wittenberg University offers a range of scholarships for students who apply by December 1.  Additional “special interest” scholarships are also offered:  January 15 deadline for Community Engagement, Student Leadership, Entrepreneurship or Environmental Science; March 1 for Art, Dance, Music or Theatre.

By filling out a profile for a scholarship search, you will be sent information about “random” scholarships that you could be eligible for. Here are some to check out; you might want to register with one or two:  (also lists college internal scholarships)  (they will send you scholarships weekly)

You generally have better odds with local scholarships, or programs that give out a lot of scholarships.  Some scholarships coming up: (There will be lots coming up; read the Roeper Record regularly for updates!):

AXA Equitable, in association with U.S. News & World Report  provides scholarships (1 per state) to students who are ethnically and economically diverse and have ambition, drive, determination  and self-respect.  The application can be found at:  Applications are live now and will continue until 10,000 applications are received or December 14 WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.

Burger King offers a scholars program to students with a minimum of 2.5 GPA.  The application runs from October 15 until December 15.  Check out:

Coca Cola Foundation Scholarship is a two part-application with the first part a simple list of activities due 5:00 pm October 31.  This site also lists some other scholarship information and search sites.

Top academic student with financial need are encouraged to check out the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship.  Students apply for the scholarship through the Common Application. The application is currently live and must be completed by November 20, 2018.

Minority students can apply for the Jackie Robinson Scholarship    The application will open November 1 and the deadline is February 1, 2019.  More information about the program can be found at;

These are just a sampling of scholarships that colleges might offer.  Keep checking the Roeper Record and also the college websites for upcoming opportunities.

Just like with the lottery, if you don’t apply, you can’t win!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling


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