Oct 17


Junior/Parent College Night Follow Up

Dear Juniors:

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Junior and Parent College Night last week.  We had a great turnout and, I believe, good discussion.  For those who missed it, copies of the powerpoint (full of information and deadlines) and the handouts are available in college counseling.

A couple of things to recap:

Junior year is really important!  Make it your best year academically, and continue to be active in activities you love as well as meaningful community service

You want to start collecting lists of activities, or better yet, begin to formulate a resume.  Remember it is a living document that you will be adding to…well, forever!

You want to start “journaling” about experiences that are meaningful to you so that when you write your college personal statement you will have the details at hand that make a story interesting.  Also, take advantage of writing assignments that encourage practice in writing personal narratives.

Consider taking the ACT in December and purchasing the “Test Information Release” so you can prepare to retake ACT in April or June.  Consider taking the SAT in March when you can purchase the “Questions and Answers” for a possible fall retake.  Also consider taking 2 SAT II’s (Subject Tests), possibly on the June testing date.  Even though fewer colleges require the writing portion of the ACT or SAT, you might consider taking it at least once, because some colleges still do.  You don’t have to take it more than once, though.

Additionally, both the SAT and ACT now offer free online test prep: links are in the powerpoint for Khan Academy and ACT Academy.  Additionally we have free practice tests in College Counseling

Remember, you can register for any of these tests now, you don’t need to wait until the deadline–and you might have more luck getting the test site you want.

Make sure to use the Roeper School Code 230363 when you register, and consider sending the scores to 4 colleges for “free” either when you register, or within 4 days of taking the ACT or 9 days after taking the SAT ( check the website or the link on the powerpoint for exact dates)

Plan to meet with Patti in December or January when the PSAT scores come in and we begin our individual conferences!

Think about using school breaks or vacation times to visit colleges. Take the tour and go to an information session, but no interviews until May for most colleges that offer them.  Let Patti know when and where you are going and she will be happy to provide a list of colleges you might want to visit

Consider completing a financial aid estimator (links on the powerpoint) to get an idea of what college might cost your family as you look at “high, medium and low risk” colleges, financially speaking.

Mark your calendars for February 4, 2019 (tentative date) for the Junior and Parent College Kickoff with reps from U of M and MSU and April  24, 2019 for the Metro Detroit (National) College Fair!

Patricia Bostwick, MA. LPC
Director of College Counseling


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