Feb 28


Junior Update

We have begun scheduling Junior College Conferences, and I am looking forward to getting to know each of you!

Don’t forget—to schedule a conference, you must bring in your filled out questionnaires—both from yourself and from your parent(s)!  Also, you need to log into or and create a profile. You then need to print the college list from the search you will be doing.  I would like that list before our meeting as well.  I will be sending you a summary report after our meeting that will include a list of colleges you might want to consider. If you haven’t brought in your college search list before our meeting, I would like that before I create the summary report.  Be aware that time flies and the year will be gone before you know it.  I will be doing some college visits this spring in addition to spring break. So don’t delay in getting yourself on the conference schedule!!

In the January 28 Roeper Record I gave you some ideas about writing a resume.

That is a great way to start your “self-awareness” part of the college search.  As I mentioned, you should begin to list your activities by grade, and then look for patterns.  As you look this over, be thinking of the following questions:

What in-school activities do you enjoy most?

What activities do you enjoy least?

What out-of-school activities do you participate in?

What volunteer work do you do?

What talents make you stand out?

What adjectives would you say best describe you?

What do you hope to accomplish before graduation?

What do you hope to accomplish after high school?

What sets you apart?


What factors in a college are most important to you—location, cost, programs, religious affiliation, social environment, size, etc.?

Remember, we want to fit the college to YOU, not the other way around!

Tests coming up:

 ACT—April 12 test (registration deadline March 7)

June 14 test (registration deadline May 9)

SAT—May 3  SAT and Subject tests (SAT II’s) given  (registration deadline April 4)

June 7 SAT and Subject tests given  (registration deadline May 9)

You definitely want to consider taking one or two Subject tests in case you decide to apply to a college that requires them!  And at the end of the year when the information is fresh in your mind is a good time to take them.  You can take up to three SAT II’s in one day. Don’t think you need to wait until the deadline—you may register for any of these tests today! And remember, if you are “brave” enough to list up to four colleges on your registration form they will receive your scores for “free,” rather than spending $11.25 (SAT) or $12.00 (ACT) PER TEST PER SCHOOL later on.  If you take the April or June ACT tests, for an additional $19 you can get a copy of your actual test and answers (called “Test Information Release”).

Metro Detroit College Fair

Held this year at the beautiful and convenient Suburban Showcase in Novi and sponsored by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), here’s a chance to talk with admissions reps from well over 100 colleges.  To make it really easy to participate, you can register ahead of time by going to  Next week we’ll include information on what to expect at the Fair!

Campus Visits

I’ll be really interested to hear about any college visit experiences you had over the mid-winter break, and to plan with you any visits you might make over spring break.  Remember that College Counseling gets information about specific visit programs on a daily basis.  Visiting a campus on a Prospective Student Day gives a unique look at not only the campus and the programs they want to highlight, but also the students that could potentially be your college class. Here’s a sample of some new events we just received:

University of Nebraska has a series of open houses for juniors—check their website at  Now that they are in the Big 10, they are really recruiting Michigan students, and offer quite a lot of merit based aid, in addition to great programs, a lovely campus and tons of school spirit.

College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine offers summer programs where you can challenge yourself by doing research, kayaking or farming in the beautiful Maine country.  Information in College Counseling.

Interested in Linguistics?  The Ohio State University hosts the nation’s only summer camp devoted to the study of Linguistics.  Visit

Colleges That Change Lives

Mark your calendars for Monday, August 25.  The annual CTCL fair will again be held in Michigan due to popular demand!  It will run from 7-9 pm at The Henry Marriott near the Fairlane Shopping Center.  The Colleges That Change Lives are a group of liberal arts schools from across the country that can make a huge difference in the lives of their students by offering a quality and rigorous yet personal academic experience—in much the same way that Roeper does.  Here is your opportunity to “visit” them all in one convenient location!

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