Jan 10


Junior Update!

Dear Juniors:

I’m looking forward to meeting with the juniors and their families as we officially begin the next phase of your journey to the future. Our process begins with our initial individual conferences, which can begin at any time, although many of you may want to wait until after the second semester begins.  We’ll start by going over the PSAT scores, your transcript to date, senior schedule, answer any preliminary burning questions you have about college—and to get to know you (after all, the better I know you, the easier to write your recommendation letter when the time comes!)

But seriously, the joy of what I have done for a living for the past thirty+ years is to have had the opportunity to get to know young people at a time of their lives when they are ready to launch into the future. I’ve been able to see beauty in every single person I have known. And while each college presents its own unique opportunities, you will bring a richness and uniqueness to the experience that far exceeds the location you choose. That’s why we always talk about having a good “fit.” You may have many acquaintances, but you are only best friends with a select few. Never lose sight of how remarkable you are, even for a moment, and definitely don’t let a test score or even a college admissions office define you for yourself.

Bridghette will begin scheduling family conferences after our individual meetings and once students and their parents complete the Student and Parent Questionnaires that I will distribute after our individual meeting. Our preference is for the students to schedule the meeting. They know their school schedule, but more importantly, this is their process, they are the ones going to college, and the sooner and more often they are proactive in the process, the more ready they will be when they go off on their ownWe’ll talk about what matters most to you, and how to be as ready for college as possible. These appointments will last about 45 minutes or so, and generally can be any time during the school day—but we will do our best to make find a convenient time for all.

You will also complete a college search and bring in the results.—three good choices are from College BoardCappex and College Navigator.  You could do more than one and compare!  Students are encouraged to set up meetings at convenient times, but we will seek you out otherwise!

However, if prior to that time you will be traveling and want to visit some colleges please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions.

College “Kick-Off:” Save the Date!

We are planning a second college night for Juniors and their parents.  This time we are welcoming a panel of our college representatives: Kelly Cox from the University of Michigan, Terence Brown from Michigan State, Erin Kelley from Kalamazoo College and Marguerite McClain from Case Western Reserve University  will join Patti to help kick off the “official” college planning process.  We have scheduled this event for Monday, February 5, at 7:00 PM in the Acheson Theater. We’ll cover the essential things juniors have to do between now and September to be ready to apply to colleges in the fall, so this is a big meeting:

You will learn about the college planning process in general and for Roeper juniors in particular.

You will learn about the attributes of large public and small private colleges and universities and how the admission process works in each.

You will have your college questions answered (bring questions!)

This event is intended for BOTH Juniors AND their parents (or whoever is free that evening to attend—MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Patricia Bostwick, MA. LPC

Director of College Counseling


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