Jan 31


Junior Planning

Dear Juniors:

Reminder:  Our annual Junior and Parent College Kickoff, featuring our representatives from The University of Michigan, Michigan State, Kalamazoo College and Case Western University will take place on Monday, February 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  Come with questions and let the process begin!

Individual Appointments Begin

Students have started making individual with Patti to discuss your individual questions about college and to go over recent PSAT scores.  Once that meeting has taken place, Bridghette will make the family appointments after the student and parent bring in their completed Student and Parent Questionnaires (also available in College Counseling).  It can also be helpful if the student completes a College Search:

(such as or . 

Our preference is for the student to schedule the meeting. They know their school schedule, but more importantly, this is their process, they are the ones going to college, and the sooner and more often they are proactive in the process, the more ready they will be when they go off on their ownWe’ll talk about what matters most to you, and how to be as ready for college as possible. These appointments will last about 45 minutes or so, and can be any time during the school day.

Second semester is here—are you ready?

It has come to my attention that there are a significant number of Juniors who have “incomplete” schedules for second semester.  I’ve also been asked how important it is to take an English class second semester. Please be aware that when colleges evaluate your application the FIRST thing they look at is “Academic Rigor”—did you challenge yourself by taking the most demanding classes you could, every single semester?—through the JUNIOR year.

They will also LOOK at the Senior schedule to make sure you are continuing to challenge yourself.  

But when you hear that the Junior year is the most important, don’t doubt that. In fact, the SECOND things they will look at are your GRADES and your GRADE TREND. That means that this upcoming semester is your MOST IMPORTANT EVER. You might want to think of this semester as a big finals week—taking the most challenging courses you can and doing really well in them is the best way to position yourself to get accepted into college.

And English is a big part of that strategy.

Even though Roeper does not require that you take English every semester, it is worth considering for the following reasons:

  • Writing is an essential skill for every single course you take—there is definitely a relationship between Writing and Dance, Writing and Art, or Writing and PE. Colleges know the place where almost all of your essential writing skills are taught is in English—and this is why an English class every semester is vital.
  • If your personal knowledge is not an important enough reason, there have been a number of seniors in the past few years who have been deferred or denied admission to college because they didn’t take enough English. I’ve known of students who were called by their college admissions office informing them that their application was in jeopardy unless they added an English class.
  • If your argument is “I’ll take two English classes when I’m a senior”, my question is “How do you know you the schedule will let you do this?” The answer is you don’t—in fact, the reason you don’t have an English class now is probably because of the schedule—what makes you think it will be different next fall?
  • Please note—I did NOT say you shouldn’t take 2 English classes in one semester—you’re welcome to take a second English class as an elective—in fact, if you haven’t taken Expository Writing yet, I would STRONGLY encourage you to take that as an elective—along with an English course that is literature-based.
  • If your lament is that you’ll have to drop a semester academic to get into an English, come see me—please do not call or e-mail, and do not ask your parents to solve this for you—come see me. We’ll work something out.

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling


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