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Class of 2018–Welcome to 2018!

Dear Seniors:

It’s finally here—the year you will turn 18 (so easy to remember), the year you graduate from high school, a year you’ve been looking forward to, and a year you will celebrate in high school reunions for decades to come.

Some of you have a pretty good idea of what you will be doing next year.  Most of you don’t know yet what all your choices are. But trust me, you will all have good choices. As you speed through the year, take time to reflect on who you are and what Roeper has meant to you.  This will not only help you when you need to make that final decision—but you will be able to fully experience this exciting and transitional time in your life.

I’ve been getting some inquiries about MID-YEAR REPORT FORMS. Most Common App colleges will require them, and we automatically send the report with your updated transcript once the 1st semester grades are posted and your 2nd semester schedules are finalized.

For Non-Common App colleges we will send your transcript to each school that requests it or has not made a final decision, unless you specifically ask me not to. We generally send the transcripts with a cover letter unless there is a specific college form. Check each of your non-Common App colleges (eg. MIT and Georgetown) and get me any required forms as soon as possible because these forms are quite time-consuming, and so that I can have everything done and ready to go as soon as the grades are posted.

Students who are awaiting a decision, who have been deferred, or who have applied Regular Decision: know that your first semester grades will be an important consideration.  Take the time to focus on your mid-term exams and finish any end of semester projects.  Make sure you are doing your best!

The other most important consideration will be your “8th Semester” schedules: Even if you have already been accepted to a college, that acceptance is provisional upon your successful completion of the senior year. That means keeping your grades up and following a schedule as rigorous as the one upon which they accepted you! If you have a question about switching out some classes, I’m happy to counsel you.

Also remember, you must notify the admissions officers of any schedule change.

It can be a good way to express your continuing interest, especially if your change is positive—like describing your Senior Project. Very few colleges are happy about students who don’t take four years of English, so that is practically a requirement. I’ve heard of students who were contacted by admissions officers telling them to add an English class second semester.  Even if you have four years of English anyway, the discipline of writing is probably the most important skill you will take with you to college, so you don’t want to be rusty when you land on your campus.

At the end of the year, we will send a Final Report to the college you will be attending. They will want to know that you have 1) graduated and that you have 2) kept up satisfactory progress. You will not be able to begin classes at any college until they have received this form. Trust me, you will get a reminder about these forms toward the end of the year.

U of Michigan update:

It is no longer a surprise to find a record number of deferrals from the University of Michigan. Our reps have regularly assured me that every student who was deferred was qualified and could be successful at the University of Michigan. At this point, they are waiting to see what admitted students choose to attend ED elsewhere, and what the applicant pool from November 2-February 1 looks like.  Deferred students may hear from U of M any time up until April 1.  As a reminder, what Kelly is interested in are 7th semester grades—showing a strong curriculum and solid grades, and will welcome an email expressing your interest in the University of Michigan.  It is helpful to tell him that it is your first choice, if that’s true. He is not particularly interested in receiving new test scores, letters of recommendation or copies of new awards students have won—unless they are major national awards. That is going to generally be true for other selective colleges. See me for contact information for your admissions representatives.

Admitted students who qualify should check out the U of M Scholarships that are due this month.

The University of Michigan Alumnae Club of Birmingham offers a $2,500 per year for up to 4 consecutive years for female students attending the University of Michigan.  The criteria for the scholarship and application with instructions are available in College Counseling. Due January 15, 2018.  Melanie Wells received this scholarship last year!


The University of Michigan Alumni Club of Greater Detroit provides merit scholarships for strong students with a minimum of a 31 on the ACT.  You may apply for several scholarships with one application.  Deadline is January 19, 2018.  Access the application at:

MSU Update:

MSU is no longer requiring deferred students to fill out the additional questionnaire.  They will want 1st semester senior grades before making a decision, so make the most of your semester and mid-terms!

Admitted students are encouraged to apply for the MSU Alumni Club of Oakland County $2000 scholarship.  Applications are available in College Counseling or at www.MSUOakland.comDeadline is March 23, 2018.

Deferred students, check the December 21 posting in the Roeper Record under the heading “Year End News for Seniors” to find the section of “What to do if you’re deferred” for an example of what to write. If you are interested, this is NOT optional!As always, I am more than happy to sit with you and discuss your thinking, your strategies, or to read over what you plan to send.  Meanwhile, focus on your exams, enjoy your little semester break, and then back for the home stretch!

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling

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