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Mar 05

Spring Staff Appreciation Luncheons

Luncheons are THIS week!!! Follow the links below to sign up to bring a dish or be a LS room sitter!! We appreciate all your help to make this event special for the staff!



It’s that special time of year again to show our Roeper School staff just how much we appreciate them!
The Spring Staff Appreciation Luncheons will take place on Tuesday, March 7th at the Birmingham Campus and Thursday, March 9th at the Bloomfield Hills Campus.

During this time, the Roeper Parent Community brings in lunch and serves the staff in a relaxing setting (Imagine: linen table cloths, gorgeous flowers, wonderful food…)

If and how much you want to get involved is entirely up to you, but we hope you will lend a hand!

There are several ways to get involved: you can bring a dish to feed the staff (cook/bake your specialty, a teachers favorite or pick something up), you can be a Room Sitter for your homeroom (Bloomfield Hills campus only) while the teachers enjoy the Luncheon, or you can help with Set-Up or Clean-Up. We really need and appreciate your help!

To sign up click on the links:

Birmingham Campus – Tuesday March 7th:
M/US: Staff Appreciation Luncheon Sign-Up

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