Dec 11


Stage IV Intensive Study Culminates with Empty Bowls

All of the children in the Lower School have been working on multidisciplinary theme based projects which are called Intensives.  From Lower School Director Leslie Hosey,  “The overarching goal of intensives is to provide real world, authentic learning opportunities that have meaning and relevance to our students lives.”  The Stage and Specialist teachers have been working very hard to develop these units of study to provide a rich and developmentally appropriate experience for each stage: Stage I –Water; Stage II – Food Culture; Stage III – Community Change; and Stage IV – Food Justice.

Stage IV’s  culminating activity is called Empty Bowls, which is now an international effort; art teacher Jarie Ruddy brought Empty Bowls to Roeper in the 90s! The program raises awareness  about world hunger and engages the children in an activity which will raise funds for a Detroit area agency that feeds people in need. The Stage IV children are now creating ceramic bowls which will be sold at a family dinner  to benefit Eden Gives. Each family will bring a dish to share that connects to their family culture or holiday tradition.

*Art work by Alyssa Kortes and Lauren Mattison

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