Mar 09


Stage I Visits Birmingham Campus

The Hill House Stage I classes made a morning visit to the Birmingham Campus earlier in the week where they got a warm welcome from everyone. It started with the bus ride, always a hit, followed by running all over the Middle/Upper School. They watched senior, Aurora Thomas-Hagerman crocheting a tree, they saw a three D printer in action and the end product made earlier, they sat in the theater and tried on costumes which will be used in an up coming play, they watched a raucous game of volleyball, they talked with Forensics/Debate/English teacher Dan Jacobs and a student, they pet teacher Laura Panek’s lizard and visited the greenhouse. They also had popcorn for snack and found David Feldman in the hall. At the end of the morning they watched P.E. teacher, Todd Dunfield and some of his students shooting real arrows at targets in the gym. The gang was so happy when Todd hit a balloon. Finally, on the way out, they listened to the band practicing. A bunch of happy, tired kids boarded the bus for a perfect ending to a great morning! – Contributed by Colleen Shelton

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