Dec 18


Stage I Domes Community Study

Stage I Domes has been studying how we fit into the community all year long. We started with learning about ourselves, our families, our classrooms and our school. For the intensive, we are focusing in on our city community. We have invited in numerous community helpers and players including a firefighter, mindfulness coach, sheriff, dispatcher, doctor, architect, plumber, chef, Women Build (Habitat for Humanity) and a discussion on homelessness in our community. We have also given children the opportunity to pretend to be those different community members through theme play, build and create an entire cardboard city and learn about and draw maps of our favorite places, the school and the buildings they are creating. We are also working in conjunction with Kendra’s class to add some city graffiti.  – Amber Webb

St I police
St I fire


st i dr
st. I ladies
st i lady
st i kids

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