May 08


Stacy Holloman is a Diversity Champion!


Stacy H

Stage IV teacher, Stacy Holloman, was recently honored by the Race Relations and Diversity Task Force of Birmingham and Bloomfield as a Diversity Champion. From the program book: Stacy is known to be a teacher who guides her students in the classroom and as a Student Government faculty mentor to learn about themselves and their responsibilities to the broader community. She has been a SEED facilitator for eleven years and works hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students, parents and faculty. Roeper nominated Stacy based on the following criteria:

A Diversity Champion will:
• Be the conscience of your organization
• Not settle for the status quo
• Embody the ideals of your organization
• Envision new ways of inclusion
• Be a doer whose actions speak of respect for others
• Be someone whose “circle of influence” represents many kinds of
• Be an advocate who speaks out against insensitivity and prejudice

All Diversity Champions were honored at a breakfast where their accomplishments and acts were shared with the audience. Other Roeper staff who have been honored in the past include Carolyn Lett, Emery Pence, Colleen Potocki, Jarie Ruddy, Michelle Stamler and Sue Williams.

Congratulations, Stacy!

StacyStacy is third from left in third row

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  1. Congratulations, Stacy!

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