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Special Delivery From The White House

Good afternoon all –

As you may recall, a few months ago one of our student’s, Chase Martin, wrote to President Obama invited him to come visit our classroom and Roeper. He included a photograph of himself and a wonderful letter which also asked a handful of questions he would like to ask the President. About once a week Chase checked in to see if we had gotten a response back.

Yesterday afternoon (June 2), we received word that a very official looking package from the White House came for Chase. Since he had already left for the day, we held it to make a special presentation to him for the following day.

This morning (June 3) after all the students arrived {plus Chase’s mom Shannon}, we told the class we had to gather on the rug for something special. We started out telling them that a special package had arrived as they all say eager to see what it was. Then it was announced it was from the White House. Immediately Chase’s eyes and face light up with what was the most priceless expression ever! He came up to open up the package to share with the class. In the envelope was a letter back to Chase {that also wished him a very happy belated birthday, something Chase had mention in his letter}, a signed photograph of President Obama, a photograph of both Presidential pet dogs, an interview flyer about the President and information on the White House. We read the letter from the President to everyone as Chase proudly stood up next to us.

What a wonderful experience!!! We are thrilled Chase was able to get a response back. Jennifer did some Obama research and found out that the President really loves chips and guacamole for snacks, so to celebrate this occasion that is exactly what we had for our classroom snack today. We also borrowed a few books on the President from Carmen so that we could learn a little more about him.

Jennifer asked Chase his thoughts and reflections about getting a response from the President. Chase’s response was that while he was excited that he got a letter back but was hoping the President would come visit. Then he said “But that is okay he didn’t come, I will just write to someone else now!”.

What a kid!!!​

Submitted by Jennifer & Kendra


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