Feb 28


Roeper Chess Wins State Championship

The Roeper Chess team participated in the annual Elementary State Championship on Saturday, February 24, 2018 and performed very well.  One of the K-3 teams, made up of Noah Gibbs, Henry Billings, Henry Diemer and Sam Keuten won the State Championship.  This is Roeper’s 5th State Championship since 2012.

Our other teams also put in strong performances.  Our K-6 team made up of Roshan Shah, Brailen Wilson, Wesley Billings and Lucas Maier placed 6th in the state.  Another K-3 team made up of Ohad Wong, Ashton Firek, Grayson Arakelian and Sidney Billings placed fifth in the state and our final K-3 team made up of Ben Cook, Jack Cook, Bobby Caldwell and Oliver Arakelian placed eighth.  We also had a strong showing in the K-5 reserve.  This team was represented by Goni Wong, Bear Thompson, Anjali Sharma and Kaitlyn Gruber.

We had several students receive individual medals:

Gold (5/5 wins) – Henry Billings and Noah Gibbs

Silver (4.5 or 4 out of 5 wins) – Wesley Billings, Sam Keuten, Henry Diemer, Bear Thompson

Bronze Medal (3 out of 5 wins) – Grayson Arakelian.

Congratulations to all the members of the Roeper Chess Team and to their coach Bryan Wilson.

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