Nov 19


Matthew Charles Heulitt Performs for Stage IV

DSC_0543Matthew Charles Heulitt performed for Stage IV in the CCB Gym today.  Matt is based in California, and is a much-in-demand session guitarist, having performed with Sting and Santana, among many others.  He has performed in Europe and the U.S., and has recorded several CD’s, both as soloist and as a member of the group MoeTar and with Narada Michael Walden.  He has been covered by a national Guitar magazine, and his work with MoeTar, often compared to Frank Zappa’s, has received great reviews in the British press. Mr. Heulitt’s solo work reflects a strong jazz influence.  His training on the guitar is exceptional, and I’m very excited to give our Stage IV students a chance to hear him perform. Earlier in the year my guitar class did a Skype conversation with him, and they really enjoyed speaking with him.  His work can be seen on You Tube, and his website has a lot more information.  To have the opportunity to hear him perform live is terrific.  Thank you to David Feldman who helped find funding for this great experience.     — submitted by Jennifer Evensen

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