May 29

LS Lunch Punch Cards

Hello Parents,

If you would like to purchase a punch card to get your child thru the end of the year lunches, please keep in mind that the punches can be rolled over to next year as long as your child is still enrolled in the Lower School. If your child is moving up to the Middle School and you still have a younger child at the Lower School I can transfer the unused punches to that child.

Purchasing 10 or 20 punches to roll over for next year will be one less concern in September. I will let everyone know how many punches you have to start school with next year and have your children’s lunch cards ready for them to without another thought for you.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

Have a nice summer and see you in the fall.

Jennifer Furdock
Director of Dining Services
Roeper / Cranbrook Schools

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