Jul 29


LS Lunch News

The following will explain purchasing Chartwells lunch options and lunch room protocol:

Option 1:  The Lunch Program, this program is offered by the school, by the semester, this is the best savings per meal.  Contact Loree Kelly ( or 248-203-7307) in the Roeper business office for this option.

Option 2: Prepaid Lunch Punch Cards, these are cards that give you the choice of what day (meal) you want your child to have lunch. You can purchase these in increments of 10 or 20 lunches. This cost $6.25 a lunch ($62.50/$125). You can make these purchases thru Payschool, Using Check or Credit Card.

These cards are kept in the lunch room and are handed out to the kids as they come in for their lunch.  When the punches are down to one or two, I will send you an e-mail so you may purchase more punches if you choose. When your child has used all their punches and we have not received a repayment,  we will offer cereal and milk to them should they come through the lunch line. If you want to use your punch card for field trip lunches you need to let your child’s teacher know that this is your request.

Any child who forgets their lunch will be offered cereal and milk.

The School provides milk to all the children that bring their lunches.

We provide a posted Allergen sheet showing all the major allergy concerns. We provide Gluten Free Hot Dog Buns, Burger Buns and Bread.

I hope this gives you all the information you will need to make lunch time an enjoyable experience for your child.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.


Jennifer Furdock

Director of Dining Services/ Roeper   (248-645-3125)

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