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Lower School: Walk-a-thon — Tuesday, June 7th

The Roeper Lower School Walk-a-Thon 2016 –Tuesday, June 7th!

The year is rapidly drawing to a close and on the morning of Tuesday, June 7 we will conduct our annual Roeper Lower School Walk-a-Thon! Finishing up the year with one last community service project is something that has become a fun and meaningful tradition. Participation in the donation part of this event is completely voluntary and all we are suggesting is that children could gather spare change and bring it in to donate by the day of our walk-a-thon. No amount is too small! In the past we have collected over $1000 in change!

This year our proceeds will be split between the Lighthouse of Oakland County and Alternatives for Girls to support homeless and needy people in our immediate area, and Roeper’s Make-a-Splash program to provide swimming lessons to inner-city kids in the summer.

The Logistics of the Roeper Walk-a-thon:

Our event will happen as follows:

    • 9:15 am the Stages will gather in the CCB for a brief kick off rally.
    • By 9:45 we will begin our 800m walk route on the Winkworth Plaza right outside the CCB and proceed down the road to the back campus. With every lap the children do, they can get a card punched so they can keep track of the distance they walk. We will walk in a continuous loop throughout the campus for one hour. The route is approximately 800m (1/2 mile).
    • At 10:45 the walk will end and everyone will settle with popsicles on the playground for a little “after glow”.
    • We will have the event as planned unless there are unsafe weather conditions, so please dress accordingly for your comfort.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes!
  • Each child should bring a water bottle marked with their name. We will have a “watering station” where they may leave that bottle so they do not have to carry it as they walk.
  • A hat and/or sunscreen are also advisable for comfort.By participating in this event the children will not only benefit others in need, they will also be contributing to the health of their own bodies by engaging in sustained physical activity. If any adult family members are interested in walking with the children please feel free to participate. You are welcome!

If you are interested and able to help us with the event, that effort is welcome as well.  Please contact Michelle or Deb.  We are grateful for your support!


Michelle Lane and Deb Veillette   248-203-7373     248-203-7926





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