Dec 06


Lower School Parents: Spread the Word!

You can help spread the Roeper word by asking to display Roeper materials at your place of business, your area library, your pediatrician’s office, and any¬†other places where potential Roeper families visit.

Material packets are available to pick up from Olivia Potocki in the Hill House. Please come pick up packets before winter break, or some time in January. You can help others learn about what Roeper has to offer.


  1. i already have since he was accepted in august and before, the core beliefs is hanging up and information packets i hand out to my clients who have wise old soul children. i see 30 women and a few men a day for eye brow maintenace and the weekend makeup clients. my client june is in the hill house first year because of our conversations about roeper. and many more have called for tours. its been life changing for sawyer and myself. peace finally

  2. Thank you, Jeannie, for sharing your story.

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