Oct 08

Lower School: Oakland County Hearing Testing

The Oakland County Health Division will be at the Lower School on October 20-22 to provide hearing screening for all Stage I 4-year-old students; Stage II-1 students; Stage III-1 students and Stage IV-1 students.  All local county health departments throughout the state of Michigan provide hearing screening services under Act No. 368, Public Acts of 1978, Part 93, Hearing and Vision.

Please note:    Hearing screening will not be provided to children with shunts or other medical devices with magnets.  In order to best protect your child, it is imperative that the technicians are made aware of which children this may include.

  • If your child is currently under the care of a physician for hearing difficulty and you would like to opt out of the Health Division screening for your child, please contact Terri Morawski,
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the Oakland County Hearing Testing, please contact Dianne Ferber, Hearing and Vision Services Program Coordinator at (248) 424-7071.


  1. I see children with programmable shunts or other devices with magnets are excluded from hearing screening. I am an audiologist in Canada and recognize the risks with TDH phones and programmable VP shunts; what about pacemakers? What information do you have that you’ve shared with other audiologists in Michigan? I cannot find anything specifically from manufacturers (shunt, pacemaker or wireless hearing aids/LOOP, or headphones). I would welcome any information you could provide… thanks so much!

  2. We are not audiologists so unable to help you with this. Sorry.

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