Apr 20


Lower School Earth Day Celebration

The Lower School was a true Earth Day Happening yesterday. The campus was alive with industrious activity and learning opportunities with decorative posters and sunny skies as backdrop. The morning culminated in a wonderful participative all school assembly.

In a new format, Roeper Lower School Earth Day focused on student led workshops with individual choice. Parents and teachers supervised the workshops, but each workshop was driven and initiated by a group of students called Earth Caretakers, a Stage IV elective. This class ran during signup 4 and focused on the problems involved with single use plastics. The unit focused on refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

The morning began with the entire lower school open to choose any of the 14 exciting workshops. Our LS Earth Day fest was registered as an official Earth Day expo. A variety of workshops included outside activities such as building forts, stacking rocks or herb gardening to indoor art projects such as upcycling, making birdfeeders and nesting. Tiny biodegradable clay figurines were shaped and placed around the campus for a pleasant surprise and two large murals made from plastic bottles during the workshops expressed the dangers of single use plastics and promoted reusable water bottles. They now hang above our water filling stations. Recycled games was created and led by  Cadence, Jen (Allen) and Ian Washington – a family affaiar! Water dance workshops were held by the stream and recycling games added to the fun. Students were also able to make their own travel buddy from altoid tins and they could plant a seed in a biodegradable pod to take home.

The Earth Day assembly represented all of our four stages plus a spectacular performance by our Earth Day dancers. Stage I created their own instruments, Stage II sang Somewhere Over the rainbow, Stage III  created an interactive thunderstorm with the entire school and students were asked to take the No – Straw challenge – to not use drinking straws. Roeper LS was acknowledged as being ranked Emerald, the the highest level, in the Michigan Green Schools initiative.

Many thanks to all of the parent representatives, LS teachers and the Earth caretakers elective kids. Special thanks to the earth day planning committee of Mary McGeehan, Jen Allen, Venee Natarajan, Colleen Shelton, Amy Covan and Dee Blankenburg.

Submitted by Dee Blankenburg


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