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Apr 21

Lower School: Lower School Loop – Friday, April 21, 2017

Lower School Loop: Friday, April 21, 2017

Check in every Friday to find new field trips and assemblies, special guests, events and traditions.  There are so many great things to share from every Stage and classroom and there’s one place where you can find them all:  The Lower School Loop!  It’s one stop shopping to keep you in the loop at the Lower School

Friday, April 21 (A Day) – COMMUNITY DAY

  • Earth Day: Assembly at 10:45am
  • BAM! 2nd years
  • LS Open House, 9-11am
  • Oakland County Vision testing (on campus)

Sunday, April 22

  • Mosaic Auction!

Sunday, April 23

Monday, April 24 (B Day)

  • Stage II Inventions show — all week in the Domes!
  • ISACS Visitors

Tuesday, April 25 (C Day)

  • BAM! 1st years
  • ISACS Visitors

Wednesday, April 26 (D Day)

  • Stage IV Wellness & Wellbeing elective field trip to DNR outdoor education center
  • ISACS Visitors
  • Stage II dancers dance rehearsal at M/US

Thursday, April 27 (E Day)

  • Stage IV French student videoconference
  • Stage I Hill House field trip to Cranbrook Bat Zone

Friday, April 28 (F Day)

  • Popcorn Friday
  • RPC Coffee Talk
  • Stage II field trip to M/US Dance Concert

Monday, May 1 (A Day)

  • Michele/Patti + Andi/Sarah Stage II Day in the Woods.
  • ACES week (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)
  • BAM! 2nd years
  • 6th Signup begins

Wednesday, May 3 (C Day)

  • ACES week (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)
  • Lisa/Laura Stage III Gleaners trip

Thursday, May 4 (D Day)

  • ACES week (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)
  • Stage III Zoo field trip
  • Stage IV Musical

Friday, May 5 (E Day)

  • ACES week (All Children Exercise Simultaneously)
  • Stage IV Musical

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