Aug 20

Greetings to All New and Returning LS Families!

I hope that as you read this message you are managing to squeeze out a few more moments of a glorious summer.  My family had a wonderful summer filled with visiting relatives, crazy fun at lakes, and down time at home. The last few nights have been filled with backyard “camping” complete with me communicating via walkie-talkie with the younger ones and text with my oldest.  Good times…

As we start to gear up for school, I have three recommendations that might help make for a smooth transition.  First, start dialing bedtimes back to school mode. This is essential for older children!  Second, if you haven’t started doing any “academic” work this summer I suggest having your child focus on 15-30 minutes of work that requires sustained concentration (math, for example).  Third, if you have been in relative isolation this summer on vacation or at home, set up some play dates to help your child practice their social skills before school begins again.

This fall we are pleased to introduce Terri Morawski as our new Assistant to the Lower School Director. Terri has been busy learning the ropes from Sue, Carolyn and others — she is a wonderful addition to our Roeper family. Our office is officially open so if you would like to pop by or make an appointment to visit, please don’t hesitate. I would love to hear what everyone has been up to this summer.  Until we see each other soon, listed below are some notable updates and back to school information.




J.J. Morrow

Director of Lower School

Save the Dates:

  • August 27th  —  New Parent Orientation
  • August 29th  — Welcome Back Day
  • September 3rd  — First Day of School
  • September 5th  — No classes – Rosh Hashanah      observance
  • September 8th  — Welcome Back to School Pool      Party
  • September 9th-September 13th   — School Picture Days  *Schedule will be posted on Roeper      Record
  • September 18th    — Back to School Night  7:00pm – 9:00pm


New Parent Orientation – Tuesday, August 27th   8:30am – 10:00am

New parents please mark your calendars for our New Parents Orientation in the Bretzlaff Commons (lobby) of the Steward Building.

Welcome Back Day – Thursday, August 29th

If you are new to Roeper, this is a tradition where your son or daughter can visit his or her classroom before school officially begins. Please stop by the registration table before heading to your classrooms to meet the teachers, renew friendships with returning students, and welcome our new students to the Roeper community.  Health forms, photo releases, lunch program sign up, Stage IV acceptable use policies and yearbook orders can all be delivered to the Registration Table at this time.  Missing a form?  No problem – see the registration table for an extra copy.  (Note:  Green health appraisals will need a physician’s signature.)

  • Stage I
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm   Hill House and Domes
  • Stage II
  • 11:00am-12:00pm  Domes
  • Stage III
  • 10:00am – 11:00am  Steward Building
  • Stage IV
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm  Middle and Quad Buildings


Chartwells Complimentary Lunch Tasting at Welcome Back Day, 11:00am – 1:00pm

Come enjoy a select sampling of the school lunch program provided daily by Chartwells in the CCB Multi-Purpose Room.


After School Enrichments

Stay tuned for enrichment information to be available at Welcome Back Day and also to be posted to the Roeper Record. In addition to many repeating popular activities, here is a list of new offerings:

Ballet / String Ensemble / Capoeira / Stage I Explorers / Young Artists / Jazz and Tumbling Class / Coffee House Poetry / ¡Piñatas! / Build and Play Traditional Mexican Children’s Games / Dance and Drama Exploration / Linoleum Carving


First Day of School!

Don’t forget that our first day of school is Tuesday, September 3rd after Labor Day weekend. If you are new and have questions about drop off and pick up, please attend the New Parent Orientation or call the office for assistance.


Campus Updates!

With a busy summer and camp winding to a close last Friday, Ray and his crew have opened the gates to carpet cleaners, painters, landscapers, etc. to get our campus ready for school.  Major campus improvements either completed or on the docket include:

  • A new north-side Domes playground. We have new play structures, orbital spinners, logs to climb through/over, new swings, and a natural play area!
  • Updated SmartBoard installations in Stage III/IV
  • Newly carpeted Domes classrooms, with accent painting throughout the building (common areas, classrooms, etc.)
  • New landscaping/cleaning up along the CCB, Domes, Hill House and other key areas
  • Freshening up of all playground surfaces (regraded, new chips) throughout campus
  • Plans are being made for a new greenhouse to support sustainability and farm-to-table initiatives
  • And many more!

 Make a Splash!

This is year number four for our Roeper Make A Splash swim program.  Nearly 150 child participants enrolled in the program for the special week of mega swim instruction.  The children receive group swim instruction lead by our Roeper Summer Camp lifeguards.  We keep the groups small so that each child is assessed and given instruction that is pertinent to him or her.    We  have many hands on deck with 14 aquatic assistants from neighboring high school swim teams in the pool working with Roeper staff.  For the first time since the program’s inception we were able to provide transportation to the program.  We partnered with Alternatives for Girls and were able to bring 31 children from their summer program to our Make A Splash program.  This has been the best year ever as we continue to make a difference in these children’s lives by teaching them the live saving skill of swimming.

Carpools, Etc.

The Roeper School does not provide transportation for students. Parents who wish to carpool or join with other parents in their area to handle transportation needs may request parent contact information by zip code from the Business Office.


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