Apr 27


Earth Day at the Lower School

Earth Day was a super success thanks to students, staff, families and some stellar volunteers.  Students raised $136 dollars during our Bagel Sale to spread awareness about endangered animals. Proceeds will go to helping protect Michigan Wolves.

In the cafeteria, during the Zero-waste lunch, we reduced our waste from 40 lbs. to 10 lbs. by eating food, packing lunches in reusable containers, and composting trays and utensils. WAY TO GO!  The exciting “How to Recycle” video developed by Stage 4 students made its debut, showing during all lunch periods.

During recess, there were numerous eco-friendly themed activities. Stage I & II made worms by “repurposing” bottle caps and examined how worms can eat our food and turn it into compost to fertilize our gardens.  Stage III & IV cleaned up our campus, learned about composting, “repurposed” tennis balls into bugs and bees, played a “pollination relay” game and took pledges to conserve water. Plus, classes hosted their own Earth Day activities.

Special thanks to our volunteers who made this event possible: Stage 3 students who spearheaded  campus cleanup, water awareness and composting stations and parent volunteers: Lori Talbott, Leisl Must, Lysa Postula-Stein, Jennie Kampani, Stacia Mottley, Charlotte Gerrits, Julie Fracasso, Dan and Gina A., and staff; Nan Griffith, Bryan Lancaster, Dee BLANKENBURG, Scott and VARTANIAN Scott.”

Thanks to Gina Adams-Levy for this article and Dan Dinnewith for the photos!

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 008

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 012

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 027

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 003

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 004


Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 059
Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 098
Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 117

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 026

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 098

Roeper Earth Day 2015 - 032

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