Mar 29


Chess Team News

On Saturday March 24th, twenty-three Lower School students from Stage II -Stage IV competed in the Elementary Team State Chess tournament in Lansing. We had 7 teams competing across several divisions:


Highlights of the tournament include:

  • State Champions -Aiden Song, Bryce Bottesi, Nate Carlson and Luke Burmeister. This is the second year Roeper has been State Champions!
  • 3rd place – K-3 – Roshan Shah, Amir Thompson, Lucas Maier, and Henry Billings
  • 4th place- K-5 Reserve- Hollis Perry, Sam Keuten, Katie Park and Alexi Simecek
  • 6th place -K-5 Reserve – Carter Kampani, Teddy Potocki, Salem Maguire, and Brailen Wilson.

We also had ten players receive individual medals based on their performance.

  • Gold -5 points out of 5 – Bryce Bottesi, Aiden Song, and Roshan Shah
  • Silver – 4 points out of 5- Luke Burmeister, Nate Carlson, Sam Keuten, Teddy Potocki, Alexi Simecek, and Brailen Wilson
  • Bronze – 3.5 points out of 5 – Jack Hulen

The Roeper chess team is coached by Bryan Wilson, Ellen Hoppe and Patrick Ratliff.  We are very proud of all the players for their hard work playing five rounds of chess in one day. With back to back state titles Roeper has established itself as a chess powerhouse.

Roeper will hold its third annual chess tournament on May 14th  in the CCB. Players of all levels are welcome.

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