Nov 19


Book Fair Volunteers Needed!!!

volunteers needed

Carmen needs volunteers to make the Book Fair a success! To sign up to work a Book Fair shift or to help with setting up the event, visit There are also a few slots for students to volunteer after school. Thank you!

Here are the visiting times for all of the classes:

Tuesday, Nov. 27

8:00 AM Book Fair open before school
9:30 AM I Jennifer & Jennifer
10:30 AM III Laura & Susie
11:15 AM IV Laura & Scott
1:30 PM II Andi & Sarah
2:00 PM II Brenda & Cynthia
Book Fair open after school until 4:00 PM

Wednesday, Nov. 28

8:00 AM III Lisa & Lori/Book Fair open before school
10:30 AM III Shannon & Jensen
11:15 AM IV Elise & Paula
2:30 PM IV Ellen & Gloria
3:00 PM IV Stacy & Jarie
Book Fair open after school until 5:00 PM

Thursday, Nov. 29

8:00 AM III Jessica & Megan/Book Fair open before school
8:30 AM II Debbie & Michelle
10:00 AM I Amber & Karen
1:30 PM II Michele & Venee
Book Fair open after school until 4:00

Friday, Nov. 30
Book Fair open 8:00-12:00; no scheduled class visits


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