Jun 12


UPPER SCHOOL: Want to make robots in the fall?

The OCCRA robotics season will officially kick off on September 10, 2018 with a meeting to show Oakland County high school teams the new game for the coming season. After that we will have six weeks to design, program, and build a new robot to compete in the OCCRA game before the first competition. This “big robot” game will wrap up with an Oakland County Championship tournament before Thanksgiving. So we should begin to collect the team as soon as, or before, the new school year starts.

The OCCRA competition is roughly modeled after the FIRST Robotics competition which had its World Championship in Detroit recently, but differs by the robots being made completely by students, and with limited tooling and expenses. It is also limited to Oakland County.

In addition to this BIG robot competition there are several other smaller robot competitions Roeper Upper School may join, finishing the school year in spring with Robofest (at which Lilly Richards and Steven Raphael won a World Championship last month). These other competitions are global in participation, to varying degrees. Ask about the options, or propose one YOU are interested in!

INTERESTED UPPER SCHOOL (OR RISING TO UPPER SCHOOL) STUDENTS: Please contact Clint Spevak via email ( or phone message (248) 203-7423. Teams will meet after school according to availability

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