Mar 08


University Level Online Course Opportunities for Upper School Students

imagesUpper School students just received the schedule and course offerings of MSON (Malone School Online Network). MSON provides upper level students at registered Malone Schools with a variety of college level online courses that enhance each member school’s existing curriculum. Roeper is one of twenty-two member schools, and the only school in Michigan that participate. Students in real time using our new online learning  classroom in the Naas Commons participate in classes with other capable students across the country. Spring classes include AMERICAN VOICE, AMERICAN SPEECH: WORD AS ACTION FROM ANNE BRADSTREET TO DONALD TRUMP, BUILDING UTOPIA, DEBATE LOCAL, THINK GLOBAL (taught by our own Dan Jacobs),  DIVERSITY IN A GLOBAL COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE, ETYMOLOGY OF SCIENTIFIC TERMS, JAMES JOYCE’S “ULYSSES”, MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN: GENOCIDE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE 20TH CENTURY, MODERNISM, POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, LINEAR ALGEBRA, INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY and ARABIC I. This is a very impressive list! If you want to read the detailed descriptions of the courses, check out the COURSE GUIDE! More about MSON.

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