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Seventh Grade MLK Essay Series – Clyde Granzeier

In this second essay of the series on Dr. King, Clyde Granzeier addresses the question of what Dr. King would be working on today. If you have comments for Clyde, please send them care of Emery Pence.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior Today

Imagine if Martin Luther King, Junior was alive today. Do you believe his dream has been fulfilled? What do you think he would be upset about if anything and what would he do to stop these problems? Today, I will answer some of those questions.

Dr. King. was a civil rights activist for African-Americans. He believed in a world where white and black people could live together in peace and where people are judged by their character and not their skin color, as spoken in his “I Have A Dream” speech. He also believed in equality and justice for all and conveyed these messages through nonviolent protest. He believed that true pacifism was a courageous way to confront evil with love.

One of the things I believe that Dr. King would do if he was alive would be speaking out against ISIS and trying to get the world to focus more on them. ISIS believes that anyone who is not their religion should be killed. ISIS also wants to kill all Yazidi people and enslaves hundreds of Yazidi women. The Yazidi people are a small group of religious people in northern Iraq. ISIS uses violent methods such as torture and murder to achieve its horrific goals. Such actions and methods directly go against Dr. King who believed in peace and equality for all. However, I believe that since Martin Luther King had more of a history with the United States, this might be more of a side issue.

Another issue that he would speak out against is the hatred of Mexicans and Muslims in America. People like Donald Trump call Mexicans killers and rapists and believe they shouldn’t be in our country. Trump also believes that Muslims should be registered, much like the Jewish people in Nazi Germany were forced to show they were Jewish. It is statements and ideas like this that once again go against Dr. King’s ideals of equality. While these issues probably would be one of his main issues, I do believe there is one more issue that he would fight against even more.

The main issue I believe Martin Luther King Junior would protest is police brutality towards African Americans. In 2014, 17-year-old African American Laquan McDonald was fatally shot multiple times by a police officer in Chicago. The court thought this was an unnecessary and excessive use of force. There are many stories like this that follow the same pattern. A police officer or officers will brutally attack an African American who is either unarmed or attacked for faulty charges. Dr. King dreamed about a world where white and black people could live together peacefully and it is events like this that prove we have much more work to do before we accomplish his dream. Events like these have recently led to the Black Lives Matter movement. Many people supporting this movement believe that for years African Americans have been unfairly profiled as criminals, specifically by police. For these reasons, I believe that this would be the main issue that Martin Luther King Junior would protest against if he were still alive today.

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