Dec 16


Senior Trip Information

Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2014:

Every year, our senior class plans a trip to a destination of their choice.   With the help of their sponsors, they plan all the details and do most of the communication directly with their peers.  At this point, they have chosen a location and students who are interested in traveling have made a verbal commitment.  Throughout this process, we trust that students are communicating with their respective parental units.  But just in case, you are not in the loop.  Here’s an outline of the trip.  The non-refundable deposit is due by Wednesday, December 18.   If you have questions about the trip, do not hesitate to contact Ernie Righetti or Christina Miceli, and, as always, I’m available if you need anything.

Senior Class Trip to New Orleans, Louisiana

This Senior Class Trip will be a trip of history, of music, of community service, of good food, and good times. The trip will take place on April 7th through April 11th.

Non-refundable Deposit

$400 (to cover airline)

Final Trip Price

Between $700-$850

Possible Activities

(Members of the Class of 2014 will help, after deposits for flights have been collected, to compile a list of activities that we would like to participate in as a class, as well as some activities that we can experience in smaller groups.)

  1. Swamp Tour
  2. Chocolate Tour
  3. Bike Tour
  4. Art Museum
  5. World War II Museum
  6. Preservation Hall
  7. BunkHouse Community Service
    • Painting
    • Tutoring
    • Neighborhood Revitalization

8. Habitat for Humanity

    •    Building & Bonding

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